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What is The SuperSak???

They are Recycled, Reusable, 100% Made in the USA Bags that we call The SuperSak! Use them as grocery Saks, shopping Saks, laundry Saks, beach Saks, overnight Saks, book Saks. In fact, the SuperSak will fill every need for a bag you will ever have.

GO GREEN! Every bag we construct keeps industrial waste out of our landfills. Every time you use The SuperSak, you keep 5-7 plastic bags from winding up in the trash. The day of the disposable plastic bag is over. Our earth and our environment cannot support them any longer.

Laws are being enacted to stop grocers and other retailers from supplying disposable plastic bags in some key cities. The rest of the country is bound to follow suit.

Get The SuperSak and be prepared!

Use SuperSaks for all your needs! We also make custom bags!

Our Product:

The SuperSaks are 100% Made in the USA from custom coated nylon fabric with durable nylon triple stitched seams. This same material is used to make industrial tarpaulins, so they will provide years and years of service.

The SuperSak, by Hernandez Sewing won’t stain, won’t retain odors, are water-resistant and are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth or a tossed through the washer (line dry).

The SuperSak will carry up to 150lbs + more weight than you will ever need to carry and they improve with age…How many bags can make that claim?? 

Washable, durable and easy to clean

Use SuperSaks for all your needs!

We can also custom your SuperSak with Embroidery For shipping quantities larger than 16, 

please call for pricing.

These SuperSaks are:






Use Them For:  
Grocery Saks  
Picnic Saks   
Laundry Saks  
Gift Saks  
Beach Saks  
Sports Saks  
School Saks  
Ice Chests  
Wine Saks  
Computers Saks

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Our colors to choose from:

Black, Royal Blue, Orange, Grey, Pink, Island Blue, Yellow, Purple, Green and Red

Specialty colors add $1.50  Minimum of 50 must be ordered.

We also offer embroidery

Company logo's have a 1x $55.00 set-up fee and each logo is $9.00-14.00 


Please call to place this special order.

Call for Wholesale pricing. Minimum order of 25.

Ask about our Fundraising opportunities

We also make Custom made grill covers, wind breaks, chair covers, boat covers...  all of these items are made to order so will be priced individually. 

Call and place your order today! 805.720.3987

Round Bottom SuperSaks


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Pink with black bottom.

Great for carrying canned goods, bottles, liters of soda and wine. 

Call for more colors to choose from, or to add a logo or name. 


Rectangle Bottom SuperSaks


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Yellow and black.

Please call for other colors to choose from.
Or to add a logo or name. 


Call today for your custom order! 805.720.3987



I’ve used those cheap re-useable shopping bags that a lot of chain stores sell. Most are made in the orient and fall apart by the 2nd or 3rd trip to the store. And what if   you have to wash them? Forget it, they disintegrate and wind up alongside their disposable plastic bag friends in the landfills.

I wanted a real solution to the problem, not a temporary fix. When I met Mary Hernandez, the  owner of Hernandez Sewing, she was in a grocery store line using the greatest  re-useable grocery bags I’d ever seen. I asked her where she got them and she said she made them. When they say that SuperSaks are the last bag you’ll ever buy, believe it!!! The SuperSaks are an investment that pays for itself over and over in so many ways both personally and globally.

The SuperSak, by Hernandez Sewing are warranted for 10 years against defects. How many cheap store bags do you think you will buy over the next 10 years??? GO GREEN, GO SuperSaks!!!  


Sally Buchanan   (a very satisfied customer)

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Just wanted to let you know  what an incredible bag you have   created.  Not only is it a stylish looking bag, it is so  functional!  I take my SuperSak wherever I go.  Especially on trips.  I fill it up with heavy books for some good reading or with snacks for a long road trip. It is so durable!!  I need more!    Love, love, love this SuperSak!!!!!! 

Sincerely,  Julie McKinsey 

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I love SuperSaks! I am a busy mother of four and am rarely seen without a   SuperSak on my shoulder or in the trunk of my car!  These bags are the   most well-made bags I've ever bought!!  They are sturdy, washable and nearly indestructible, which is very needed for our lifestyle!  I use them to hold everything, all the time! SuperSaks are regularly used for our frequent beach days, for holding library books (as many as will fit in the   bag!), for holding all the goodies we need when we do lunch at the park with   friends, for my kids overnight bags when spending the night out, and for   holding cleats, balls, blankets and snacks at sports events; the list goes on   and on. My husband even uses Supersaks to hold his wet suit after he   surfs. My kids each have their own SuperSak made with the color of their   choice; they love them as much as I do!  I never worry about a   supersak breaking or ripping. They are easy to clean and keep looking new.   Thank you SuperSak, you are an indispensable part of our family!   

Busy mother on the go,  Emily Clark 

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My team is crazy about   the SuperSak! I am the coach of a traveling soccer team of 16 girls. We carry   all of our equipment in our custom colored (black/yellow) SuperSak and each girl has her name and jersey number embroidered so they always know their  sak. Most of the girls purchased a second Sak to use as their suitcase. I’ve   even spotted them carrying their books to school in them. 

What I like most is as girls come and go from the team I know that I can   always purchase more Saks and they will be the same quality and style.

 These are the strongest and most user friendly Saks I’ve ever had. Believe   me, if 16 girls can’t destroy them…no one can. 

A Satisfied Team,  The Earthquakes, Louisville, Kentucy