Mission City Fumigation


"We treat your house like it's our own"

Mission City Fumigation has been in business, serving California's Central Coast for over 20 years. We are a locally owned and operated company specializing in quality structural fumigations. 



Here are a few reminders:

  1. DOUBLE BAG AND DOUBLE SEAL ALL INGESTIBLE ITEMS IN THE BAGS PROVIDED TO YOU. See Bagging Procedures for specific procedure. Failure to bag food will result in a $20.00 charge per bag.
  2. We recommend that you take medications with you. But if not; don't forget to bag: MEDICATION, SPICES, OPENED LIQUOR BOTTLES, and ITEMS IN REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER.
  3. It is NOT NECESSARY to bag clothing, linens and/or eating utensils; you only need to bag ingestible items.
  4. Ensure all rooms or closets are unlocked. We must have access to all areas.
  5. Remove all pets. This includes removing the fish from fish tanks.
  6. Remove all plants.
  7. Remove all baby mattresses and uncover plastic covers on all mattresses, pillows and top covers.
  8. Be ready to vacate your unit by 7:30am on your fumigation date. You will not be able to go back into your home until noon on your re-entry day. Look for re-entry notices on your front door.
  9. The fumigation company will be responsible for scheduling the gas shut off before your fumigation day. YOU are responsible to schedule your gas to be turned on back on, this is done 24 hours prior by calling
    (800) 427-2200.
  10. In the event we encounter inclement weather conditions, it is possible that the job may be postponed.
  11. ANY QUESTIONS, CONTACT US AT (805) 925-4979. 




Your fumigation crew will contact the Gas Company and schedule service turn-off 48 hours before the date of fumigation.
After the turn-off request has been received at the Gas Company, the property owner will need to call the Gas Company 48 hours before the fumigation is completed, (800) 427-2200 to schedule service to be restored.
Restoration of Gas service can be scheduled for the afternoon hours on the day of certification. Usually around noon. (Saturday after 10am).
A copy of the re-entry notice MUST BE PRESENT for the Gas Company representative to restore service as well as the property owner or owner's agent to be on site.